Folklore on Screen – Limited Tickets Remaining!

The ‘Folklore on Screen’ conference will bring together scholars for two days of discussion about folklore in its many forms: its history, present and complex future in relation to cinema, television, photography, digital and online media studies. The conference aims to explores the meaning, import and relevance of folklore in the media and its representation, communication and perpetuation. The multidisciplinary nature of the conference is aimed at a broad spectrum of scholars with either a particular specialism in folklore or an interest in folklore studies as pertaining to their own subject. Featured confirmed speakers include folklorist and film scholar Mikel J. Koven (author of Film, Folklore and Urban Legends), television scholar Helen Wheatley (author of Gothic Television) and journalist Bob Fischer (writer of ‘The Haunted Generation’ in Fortean Times). Talks will present topics including: UFOs, hauntology, urban, digital and online contemporary legends and ‘creepypastas’, folklore in film, art and photograph, folk horror landscapes, folklore in British television and many more.

This conference has now passed.