Folklore on Screen – Call for Papers

Call for Papers – “Centre for Contemporary Legend: Folklore on Screen” – 13-14 September 2019

Sheffield Hallam University, Cantor Building, 153 Arundel Street, Sheffield S1 2NT.

Following the success of the inaugural symposium launching the Centre for Contemporary Legend research group in 2018, we are hosting a larger, themed, conference at Sheffield Hallam University “Folklore on Screen”, 13-14 September, 2019.

This conference will bring together scholars for two days of discussion about folklore in its many forms: its history, present and complex future in relation to cinema, television, photography, digital and online media studies. The conference aims to explores the meaning, import and relevance of folklore in the media, its representation, communication and perpetuation. The multidisciplinary nature of the conference is aimed at a broad spectrum of scholars with either a particular specialism in folklore or an interest in folklore studies as pertaining to their own subject.  We seek papers that address the broad span of folklore on screen, from early film and photography, folk horror film, television and music video and forward into urban and online contemporary legends and ‘creepypastas’. Papers on related themes such folklore as relating to landscape or as connected with or the current difficult, shifting political climate and associated onscreen representations are also welcomed.

Proposals should be 200-300 words max for 20-minute papers, we also welcome suggestions for themed or grouped panels. Possible topics to be explored, but not limited to, include:

  • Folklore in Film
  • Folklore on television
  • Folklore and photography
  • Folk horror and the ‘wyrd’
  • Urban Wyrd
  • Urban legends
  • Hauntology, hauntological media
  • Earth mysteries on screen
  • UFOs, aliens and ancient astronauts
  • The occult in media
  • Ghosts and hauntings
  • Folkloric monsters and cryptozoology
  • Legend and belief
  • Cults and Moral panics
  • Fairies on screen
  • Memes, digital and online legends
  • Creepypastas
  • Folklore and social media
  • Folkloric landscapes onscreen

Proposals are due by 1st May 2019.

NB – Proposals are now CLOSED

We will provide speakers and delegates with information about location, refreshments and accommodation nearer the time. 

For questions, please contact the team at